Saturday, 5 June 2010

May 5 favorites.....

Peace everybody,

This post will be about may 5 favorite items

  • favorite perfume
  • favorite skin care
  • favorite make up
  • favorite clothes or shoes
  • favorite random item

Summer is on his way so my may favorites are mostly related to summer..

Let's start with the Girls best friend : the perfume

  • My favorite perfume for May is

Green Tea By Elizabeth Arden

The one i use is a scent spray , it's very light so I use it as a body spray ...

It smells very fresh not really green tea or actually a little bit green tea ..i think it smells more green lemon and mint

In short I love to use it as a body spray in the morning it's energizing and refreshing ....I guess if I find the eau de perfume I'd definitely buy it!!

  • The 2nd item is the skin care:

My favorite skin care right now is the kit Olay Natural White

I don't use this for whitening I just use these 'cause it comes in one kit so I prefer when all the skin care products are from the same brand

so.. I usually start my day with cleansing I use Natural white face wash

It has very small balls in it so it gives a very soft scrub to my face

what I don't like about it is that it doesn't foam and it doesn't have an oil control effect..

then I put on the Natural white day cream

The smell is good the consistency is not bad it has a UVA/UVB block's very milky so it suites more girls who have dry and natural skins more than the ones who have oily skin...

Again the only thing i don't like about this cram is that it doesn't block oil i have to carry my blotting paper wherever i go

Clearly at night I use the Natural white night cream

It has the same consistency as the day cream but i find it more nurturing and soft so it is definitely the best night cream I've ever tried..

  • It's make up time!!

My favorite Make up item for this month is RIMMEL Stay Matte pressed powder

this is the new series

I've been using this powder since 2008 and i simply loove it ... the new colors are lighter than the old ones though... so girls who have dark skins are not very happy with it!

but I am!! it's very soft , not like heavy powders and dusty...

I don't wear it every day and when I do I use my " random favorite item" with it.^_^

  • Let's move to my favorite.......the shoes

My favorite shoes for this month are my new Gladiators sandals from ALDO

I bought them 2 weeks ago and I wear them to school like every day I just love them..very stylish and comfy ^_^

  • My last and not least favorite random item for May is :

Evian facial spray

It comes in small spray containers that can be handled in the handbag..

I usually spay it on my face when it's hot ..But mostly use it when I'm wearing powder so it perfects my make up and put down all the dust without making it creamy......difficult to explain @_@ ..for me it is a Daily must have..

So I guess this is it !sorry if my post is too long , I hope you're not very bored..feel free to ask questions and to leave comments...!!!

Peace on you!!^_^

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