Saturday, 5 June 2010

Peace everybody!!

This is ME!!

my name sounds weird right? sure it's not my real name ....

let me tell you the meaning

ME: M&E are my real name initials my name starts with an 'M' and my family name with an 'E'

M&E are also my and my husband's initials

I'm a fashion design student I'll have my diploma in few months and will be a successful designer...

I love Fashion , beauty , art , photography , cinema, ....peace.

I created this blog to "SHARE".....Share what I know , what I don't know , what I love , what I think , what I learn......Share my dreams so I'll never forget them or let them go...

I also created this blog in English ( not the spoken language in my country) i could have created it in French it would have been easier for me but... i love English and want to improve mine so if you're a native English speaker don't hesitate to correct or suggest better phrases ^_^

I guess this is all you need to know about me ...wishes me luck !!

peace on you!!

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