Saturday, 3 July 2010

TheMullet Mag..

Peace readers ..

When my friend Hak A told me about the new magazine THE Mullet Mag , i was very exited to see how it's gonna be ... Now i'm a Huge Fan ...
The Mullet Mag is a web-based lifestyle magazine for style-orientated individuals, where you can find articles about Fashion, Art , Music and Beauty.
What makes The Mullet Mag unique is the fact that it's written for audiences in the Middle East and Western Europe.
My opinion about The Mullet Mag :
I find it independent , Craazyy, original , young, and Free.
I love the fact that you can find interviews with artists and designer from the middle east , and that is quiet impressive , I'm also loving the layout and the design of the web site , very simple ,elegant ,and easy to surf on.
To discover more about The Mullet Mag Click here


Kim said...

hey im a new follower of yours. I hope you can folow me back as well. Thanks hun. Great blog btw

Me's Bubble said...

hi kim!
i'm following you!!
glaad you like my blog !!