Saturday, 21 August 2010

Symphony ...the new ''it'' magazin in dubai!!

symphony is the name of the hottest multi-brand store in dubai. Symphony inaugurated "Abra…Cadabra!" ,their Autumn/Winter 2010 campaign with the America’s Next Top Model, Raina Hein ~~~~ love heeerrr...!!
Click here for more about Symphony


mikapoka said...

Hi, hope you're doing fine and Ramadan Kareem.
Thanks for sharing, I actually never heard about
Symphony which seems so interesting.
Love Raina and I'm so happy to see Dubai, one
of my 'stepmother' cities, in the background.
Bastakiya and the creek look great, by the way,
where has the falcon pic been taken, upper
Ibn Battuta parking lot?!
Great post, choukran djazilan!

Me's Bubble said...

Hi mikapoka!!
how are you??
I'm find thanks..a little bit hungry but fine !!^_^
Symphony is a new store in Dubai ..i haven't visited it yet but i will soon..
thank you for commenting!!!
see u soon ^_^