Saturday, 13 November 2010

Aiisha Ramadan ...The Muse..

Hi readers/friends,

It took me several weeks to get ready to write this article about one of my favorite designers ,
the Amazing Aiisha Ramadan...
Whatever i say about this fabulous person will never be enough to express my admiration to her...

I spent a month in Aiisha ramadan's studio ,
it's was so far the most interesting month in my life.

Aiisha , the tailors the pattern maker .. all were very welcoming and helpful.

To me Aiisha ramadan is a great example of the good manager , the talented designer and the generous and king women...

I personally call her The Muse!! ( If you allow me Aiisha!)..
Because whenever i meet her i go back home with an overdose of inspirational ideas!!

For people who don't know Aiisha Ramadan (who doesn't!?), she is a Dubai based fashion designer , graduated with Fashion Design degree from AUD , with her talent she is now -as
i love eclairs descibed her- the Stella McCartney of the region.
Aiisha Ramadan is also a very good writer , she writes in Arabic -yes she does!!- and in English.

Aiisha's Arabic bog :
Aiisha الموضة مع
Aiisha's English blog: Aiisha's colors
Aiisha's website:

Finlay I'd like to thank Mrs Ramadan
for being kind ,sweet , helpful and very patient with me, and also congratulate her for all her recent achievements.
Thank you.

The stars wear Aiisha!!

Aiisha Ramadan
Joan Collins in Aiisha Ramadan

Maz Fade from Fashion TV.

Paris Hilton .
Rene Byrd.

Simone Heng,

Me's Bubble.


Dubai Fashionista said...

sounds like u had a great month ;-)

Me's Bubble said...

ooh yes!!

i.r. said...

Thanks for x-referrencing! Good post!

Me's Bubble said...

you're welcome! thanks for stopping by!