Monday, 29 November 2010

In a Sausan Al Kadi dress... they sure will Envy you!

Hi !!
Let me introduce to you Sausan Al Kadi a 22 years old , Saudi Arabia based fashion and accessory designer.
To be honest , I've never heard about Sausan until this morning , and i loooved her work so much that i wanted to introduce her to you .
This talented designer started he line called Envy 2 years ago and she's already a hit in the region.
Sausan is currently completing her business degree , and planing to study Fashion abroad.
As a resident in Saudi arabia Sausan said:''I basically live, love and dream about fashion...I love dressing up..even if its under my abbayah and no ones gets to see it..''
What i appreciate the most about Sausan's designs is that they are very wearable , unique and beautifully COLORFUL!!
For more info about Sausan Al Kadi you can visit her Facebook page : Envy
Enjoy photos from Envy's last collection!!

Me's Bubble.


It blog girls said...

GOD I love these dresses!
They are all amazing

Me's Bubble said...

Oh yes they are!!
thanks for the comment!!

Mary Grein said...

COOL blog! Great style!

Me's Bubble said...

Thank you Mary!!!
it's so sweet of you!!

Alien said...

Really cool post, I love the headbands and the dresses :)
I really love dicovering new arab designers :)

Me's Bubble said...

yeah it's wonderful to know that there are such talented young designers!!thanks for stopping by!!