Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Maybelline New York 2011 Calendar.


samia said...

colors of candies !! love it

marionachic said...

wow fantastic blog!!!!

mikapoka said...

Hi, lovely post, so eye-candy.
Exactly the opposite of Splash calendar, have you seen it so dark and Burton-inspired?
Love both of them! Have fun, ciao!

FarishNadyaRazumi™ said...

wowww.i just love your sense of fashion...nice post..=]

Me's Bubble said...

Samia: yeah the colors are lovely !! thanks for the visit!!
marionachic: thank you!!!!it's really sweet of you!!i love you blog too
mikapoka:yeah i saw spalsh calendar and i love it!! thanks for commenting!!!love.
FarishNadyaRazumi™: thank you very much i really appreciate that you like it!! ( i wanted to visit your blog but it's block in the uae :s)

Kasia said...

Very inspiring! Nice blog!


Me's Bubble said...

thank you kasia!! i looove your blog !!

ChanelAfterCoco said...

I love these pictures & I love how they used so many colors! plus Coco Rocha is amazing as always ;)
thanks for passing by!
Leïla B