Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Who Wore It Better??

Who wore the gold colored double breasted brocade jacket by Balmain??
Najwa Or Leighton?


lamia said...

I think Najwa wore it best!!!! Love her!!

samia said...

i prefer leighton,
it's too small for najwa may be if it was a little bit larger it will be better :)
ps: it's not the same jacket

aid moubarak said


hajarino said...

Leighton je trouve!!!

ChanelAfterCoco said...

Najwa, it would have been even better if it was a size larger though... Leighton looks so constipated :D !
Leïla B

Dubai Fashionista said...

on leighton it looks young and stylish, on najwa it looks feminine and chic but would be better if she wore a size larger...

mtg11 said...

i liked it on Najwa more ... its sooo elegent .. and about the size i guess because she put her arms back thats why it looked smaller ... on leighton its emmm i don't know but didn't like it on her :S

BTW mariam this is me Mariam :D DAS fashion show ? french ? cavalli ? :P xoxo