Friday, 11 March 2011

Me's Bubble & Dubai Fashionista hit the Mall!!

Hi Girls,
so, yesterday i spent a very pleasant afternoon with the sweetest blogger/designer/friend Lalla Loub Aka Dubai Fashionista ...
we met at the Dubai Mall inorder to get some street style shot,
well it was a real fun ,
asking people ,getting rejected(well that happened just once!!)
following people from shop to shop,
and also discovering that there are some people who doesn't know what a fashion blog is!!!
Of course i took photos of everything like each time is the first time !!

i hope you like them ..!


In accesories..

Lovely clothes..

Hot Shoes..

And Of cource the lovely Lalla Design Shoes.

Click on the pics for beautiful details.
Me's Bubble.


lamia said...

C'est comme si j'étais avec vous les filles!!!
Besseha la sortie et vraiment, ça donne envie!! O_o

Me's Bubble said...

merci ma belle ne manquait que toi !!!

SAFIA said...

J'adore les photos !!
Ahhh je veuuuux visiter Dubai, ca a l'air Amazing ! (je suis là; maintenant)

Tereza Anton said...

The first pair of pumps is amazing.

Dubai Fashionista said...

c t super hun, a refaire tres bientot inshallah :) very nice pictures, i'm so in love with the purple dior dress and the gucci outfit!!!

Me's Bubble said...

safia: t la bienvenue!!
Tereza:yeah it's my fav too..really nice.
loub:it was soo much'll look amazing in both dior and gucci!!!

Anonymous said... me rapppelle mon voyage dans cette magnifique ville du Shoppingggggggg (j'ai du acheter une valise pour y mettre mes achats!)
merci pour ces souvenirs

Me's Bubble said...

merci pour ton passage!!^_^

Alien said...

sounds like fun :)
I know how it feels trying to get street style photos, and people not knowing what a fashion blog is:P
Like all the photos.


ChanelAfterCoco said...

I'm in love with every picture :( the shoes are amazing!