Friday, 15 April 2011

TAG: your 5 foods you can't live without ..

Hello dear readers!!
today's post will be completely different from all the other ones , it has no relation with fashion ,but it's about something that we love as much as fashion !!
Yes, I'm a food lover!!
I love the smells , the sounds, the colors...
Food offers us the sensation of of well-being, it's one of the rare pleasures in the world.
I love food but this doesn't make me less conscious about what i eat, that is why while shopping i only choose whole wheat bakery, skimmed milk,low fat diaries,canola & olive oils, fruit sugar and try not to eat junk food.
So today's post is a tag (i love tags!) about 5 foods you can't live without!!
this is my selection:

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I looove love love pasta!!
all kinds from spaghetti to lasagna with all kinds of sauce and creams.
the only thing i insist about is that it has to be brown pasta (whole).


Pizza..i could eat it everyday!!!
The healthier the better!!

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Milk, of course skimmed, is my favorite drink after water ..
it makes everything from juices to real dishes much better..
Dear milk , i love you man!!


by ~Mellosaur

Now i can say that i'm obssessed !!
i can and i actually do drink 1ltr of orange juice a day!!

And last but not least ....


by ~nienasycenie

I'm not addicted but one piece a day is necessary .

OK now you know my weaknesses, time to know yours..
I tag all bloggers to do this article especially :

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and all the blogger out there !!

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Kenzo said...

Thank u so much for the tag :)
Here are the 5 foods i can't live without:
3-Milk shake
5-and chocolate!

Meryem said...

i want a pizzaaaaa! right now