Sunday, 8 May 2011

Interview with : Moza Mattar .

Hi girls!!
I know , i know..I've been away for toooooo long.
I'm really sorry for that ,but (as usually!! ^_^) i have an excuse !! no, actually i have a bunch of excuses, one of them is that I'm preparing for a project and I'm so exited to talk about it but i can't now!! an other thing that I'm excited about is ...a GIVEAWAY!!
yes finally I'll do a giveaway very soon inchallah!!

But now, let me introduce to you one of Dubai's most talented ,beautiful and kindest young women .
Her mane is Moza Mattar , she's a twenty something interior designer that has a huge love for fashion ,and as an artist she decided to show her passion for fashion through Fashion illustrations.
Moza kindly answered me's bubble's questions..enjoy!!


So Moza , can you introduce yourself to Me's Bubble blog readers?

I’m a UAE based freelance interior designer and illustrator, I love love love travel escapes a lot, and fashion illustrating. I love art in general, specially art history & museums (I know!!).

How did you get into fashion illustration?

I love art and in into illustrating in general, back in 2008, I did my senior internship in New York and Boston, and I think from there the dazzling power of fashion got me and It grew over the days, i started mixing interior with art, art with fashion and soon it became a passion.

Where do you draw you inspiration from?

Travels, magazines and my small knit irresistible group of friends and family. fashion illustrators always interpret works from different designers and add and develop their own design aesthetic from there, and that’s where i get and develop most of my ideas and inspirations.


who are you (fashion /interior designers/Artists) idols?

Gustav Klimt, Salvador Dali.

what's your favorite Color?

Black all the way

your favorite food and beverage?

Low fat latte & black coffee all the way! I love to try different type of foods, I always go for exotic cuisines.

your favorite music?

Smooth Jazz Music

your favorite fashion labels?

Not any specific, but I always prefer to dress up as, bold classic/casual and sleek.

your favorite place to work?

My studio, and I also love outdoor places.

Any resolutions for the New Year 2011??

I’m planning to travel and explore more new places this year, I explored 5 new countries in 2010 and I’m planning to enjoy more this year. Like any other women, I’m planning to live in a healthier life style this year; oh and I’m thinking of creating a major project or exhibition to showcase my fashion illustrations, the new style. I’m also considering completing my MA degree.

a word to MB readers!

The love of art is a great place for expressions; and doing what you love is amazing and always makes you feel good, inspires you and gives you motivation. Follow your legitimate sources of creativity from everywhere, whether it’s in fashion, art or business. Thanks for taking the time to interview me!


Me's Bubble.


mikapoka said...

Hi dear, hope you're doing fine. Your interview's quite interesting, I'm guessing about having met Moza a couple of years ago but I'm not quite sure.
Have fun, ciao bella!

Me's Bubble said...

hello dear!!
how are you!! aren't you coming to dubai soon???

Dubai Fashionista said...

great interview ma belle :) It's nice to learn more about Moza Mattar, she's very talented!!!

Me's Bubble said...

thank you very much ma cherie!!!!