Sunday, 19 June 2011

TAG: What's in my bag?

Hi ladies,
I wanted to do a "what's in bag " tag a long time ago , better late than never here it is!!


So this is my all time favorite bag , it's a vintagey looking hard leather satchel from Warehouse . The size of this bag is just perfect and its beautiful neutral color fits all my outfits. (almost all!)


And this is the essentials that i a always carry with me everywhere.

  1. My Iphone And D-camera (panasonic Lumix).
  2. Shewing gum and mints.
  3. My purse.(life style)
  4. My medicines box.(Daiso Japanese store)
  5. A notebook (i love animal prints!!)
  6. Beauty essentials: lip protection (Neutrogena) , lip balm (Hello Kitty for H&M),Lip Gloss(wet and wild), Blueberry Perfume stick (Sephora), Liquid eye liner(Nivea),nail polish(can't remember!) , wet wipes (H&M), Bloating paper (Daiso Japanese store) and the most important thing :a hand sanitizer.
And that it!!
I tag all the beauty bloggers who visit my blog to do this tag , that i think is very fun and interesting!

Thanks for reading.

Me's Bubble.


Laetitia said...

Hello kittey and the note book very wooow <3 <3

Me's Bubble said...

yeah they\re sooo cute!! thank you laetitia!!!

Shelby said...

HK! Love your blog! Hey would you check out mine? If you follow I would be happy to return the favor!
thanks so much!

Gianella said...

First and foremost, I adore your leather satchel. It's perfect! :) I like your blog and I'm now following you.

MeryemH said...

nice blog !! ^^

Me's Bubble said...

thank you meyem!!!!

Dubai Fashionista said...

will do it soon!!! love your note book <3 i have the lip balm by neutrogena, the best by far ;)


I looooove it! btw I just did it yesterday and created a facebook page so aaaaall girls can show us what's in their bags, so if you want, you can add your picture too :)