Saturday, 23 June 2012

A Little trip to the Eastern Region of UAE ...

Hello Ladies!
How are you doing?
As some of you know ,we moved to a new apartment 3 weeks ago , and since then we spent out weekend unpacking and organizing , so we decided to do something special this weekend and planned for a small trip to the eaten region of UAE . 
We hit the road right after the sunrise, the weather was really good , which didn't last for a long time ....
First things first , a stop at the gas station for a fuel refill and an energy boost !!

 We stopped  a few time to take pictures of the beautiful scenery ...
the weather was getting hotter and hotter ....

 I love this tunnel , it always reminds me of the idiom "light at the end of the tunnel" .. yesterday i told my husband that i love it when i see this light , it makes me very optimistic , and all he could say is : " why? what's wrong with being in the tunnel ?" .... Men !!!!
Look at this beautiful tree next at the corniche of Kalbah ..
Mashallah !

Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Fujairah under construction , to become the second largest mosque in the United Arab Emirates.

 On our way out of Fujairah , We found the new , so talked about , Fujaih city center ..
and of course we had to pay it a visit!!!

 We arrived very early ( 9:30 am) ,almost all the parking lots were empty , everything was clean and calm ...

 ...... I've never been to an H&M store more organized than this one ... maybe because i was the first costumer (god knows how was the mess i left behind .... lol)

Abviously i'm developing a severe addiction to Bath and Body Works .....

 On our way back home , we stopped at the Friday market in the region of Masafi to buy some fruits .....

 In this market you can find every thing from frutits and vegetables , to pottery ...

  ... to carpets and rugs .... plants and flower shops !

Simply everything !!!
By the time of the jumuah prayer , the temperature was around 48 and 50 degrees C !!
Can you believe that in that heat a man came to the masjid in this car !!!
Subhanaallah !!

And that it !
I enjoyed my day and thought it would be nice to share it with you , i hope you liked it !!

Me .


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this sharing ! It is so nice to read your story and also to watch so professional pictures !
I am sure you and my cousin enjoy it !!

Dubai Fashionista said...

really enjoyed seeing your lovely pics and read your story, sounds like you had a great time!!! the pic of the tree is amazing!!!