Monday, 11 June 2012

Who's the Fairest of Them All ? Part 2

Hello ladies !
So in the first part of this article Here  , i wrote an introduction article about the 2012 movies and TV  show that are based on the classic tale of Snow white , Now it's Time to vote for the Fairest !!!

1. Snow white .

 I give my vote to Lily Collins  who played snow white in the movie 'Mirror mirror" , as i personally think she's not only the fairest of the 3 but one of the most beautiful stars in the scene .

2. The evil queen .

Charlize Theron wins my vote for her role of the evil queen in the movie " Snow White and the Huntsman " ...Pure Beauty ( even more beautiful than snow white herself )....

3. Prince Charming .

Chris Hemsworth did play the huntsman in " Snow White and the Huntsman " , but he was the one who broke the curse an brought snow white back to life , so we can consider him the prince !!
But he doesn't win my vote !! I prefer   Josh Dallas as the prince charming , in the TV show " once upon a time  "

4. The 7 Dwarfs .

We are not talking here about the fairest dwarf (of course not ! ) but about the funniest and most adorable dwarfs from the 3 shows, and i vote for the dwarfs for the movie " Mirror Mirror " . 
i love them all especial half pint , so adorable ....

so these were my choices , who are yours ?? 
who's the fairest of them all ??

Me .

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Dubai Fashionista said...

j'aime bcp ce post, tres sympa ;) j'ai pas eu l'occasion de voir ces films mais des que je les regarde, je te tiens au courant de mon vote :p en tt cas pr prince charming c chris hemsworth <3