Friday, 27 July 2012

Blogger app try out and Shick Intuition Naturals review

Hello ladies!
How are you doing?

I'm right this blog post for 2 purposes...

1st I'm trying out the Blogger app from my new mobile , who knows maybe this will be a new way for me to blog more often... so please let me know what you think of the overall quality of the post ...

2nd I'd like to introduce to you my favorite shaving blades,  the Schick Intuition Naturals with sensitive care fore sensitive skin..
this is a 4 blade shaver with a skin moisturizing solid that acts as a shaving gel and a moisturizer rich in aloe Vera and vitamin E . .

In addition to that it is fragrance free ( yet it smells amazingly ) and is hypoallergenic,  which is a big plus ...
I personally have used this product many times and I love it I think it leaves my skin smoother and softer than when I use the Venus shaving blades,  plus it never miss a single hair.

This is it! I hope you find this post interesting and useful..

and you what hair removal method do you prefer?

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