Saturday, 15 September 2012

Dear Arab Girl ....

Hello ladies! 
How are you doing?
If you hate me after reading this article then it means that you don't know me , and if you don't know me then at least you should know 2 things:
  2. It's my blog so i get to say whatever i want here !

Now let's get started...

Dear Arab girl : 

habeebti , You don't have to show your skin to look sexy !

It's not about wearing less clothes it's all about the attitude !

You don't have to wear all the eyeshadow colors that you have in your vanity to look beautiful ...

Remember : La simplicité fait la beauté .

You don't have to be " vampire" white or "snow-white " white to be the fairest of them all  .....

 It's not the fairness of your skin that attracts people towards you it's the fairness of your soul .

Now that's very important ....

Habeebti You definitely don't have to pluck 90% of your eyebrows to look pretty ....

it only makes you look older , meaner , and old out of fashion .

You don't have to sink in  your credit card debts to buy expensive branded clothes ...




It's Not the brand tag that makes you fashionable it's your "style" .

and last but not least ..

You really don't need to try every diet program and take very "weight loss" pill to look like a model ....

.... It's the size of your heart that makes your beautiful not the size of your body .
(i'm absolutely not promoting obesity ! ^_^ )

If you find yourself in one (or more) of these examples , please don't be offended , instead try to change !
Oh ! and know that I'm not a hater  ( how can i be when I'm  an Arab too !!) I'm just a critic !



Dubai Fashionista said...

bravo Mimi that's a very nice post!!! really enjoyed it!!! I totally agree with this... "Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication"!!! and "it's not about brand, it's about style" ;) I love the black gown Lena is wearing, so chic with the belt <3

THE CLOSET said...

you just read my mind!!!! really what is going in Dubai mall its like freaks contest, sometimes i laugh at them, sometimes i feel sorrow for them, sometimes its disgusting

i love this post! wish really it reach those poor girls!

Mariam said...

حلوووو ماشاء الله بس لو كتبتبه بالعربي بما انه موجة للبنت العربية