Monday, 19 July 2010

I'm Back !!!

Peace everybody!!!
sooorry for not posting all this time i had soooooo much going on!!
so this is what i did all the period I've been absent :
15\7 trip from Casablanca to Dubai
16/7 arrived to Dubai .
17/7 It was my marriage anniversary . it was just perfect my beloved husband got me beautiful gifts...the one i like the most is a swarovski bangle and 3 matching rings's soooooo nice, cute and elegant..

18/9 i\ve been preparing for going to OMRA.

19/9 had guests for lunch and going shopping in few minutes!!!!

so that's it !!
see you tomorrow!!

1 comment:

hajarino said...

bsehha ma cheriie!
miss youuuu :(