Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Kenzo collection S/S 2010 soo Moroccan-ish

Selected outfits from the Kenzo collection S/S 2010 sooo love it !!


Dubai Fashionista said...

great collection!!! moroccan design is the best ;-)

mikapoka said...

Assalam alaikoum, nice post, love Kenzo's especially when Antonio Marras came to design it.
Morocco rocks in fashion, too!

Me's Bubble said...

Hi girls !! thanks for passing by!! Morocco Rocks!!
thanks for following!!!
i looove both of your blogs , amaziing!!!!
see u soon
mikapoka: where are you from???

mikapoka said...

Hi, and choukran djazilan for following MKPK, I'm from Italy but I've been living in Dubai until the end of 2009. I'll be back, inshallah!

Me's Bubble said...

you're welcome mikapoka!!
see u !!

Anonymous said...

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