Thursday, 30 September 2010

Interesting days!!

Hi !!
These past few days were very busy , even too busy for me!!
This is the reason why i disappeared for a while..
As most of you know i started my internship last week in the boutique/atelier of Designer Aiisha Ramadan ..
Wow...the real world is completely different from what we learn at fashion schools..
I love being surrounded by sewing machines,fabrics,rulers,people making beautiful clothes,ribbons,buttons,crystals.......what a pleasure!
Every day i learn something new ,actualy i learn a LOT of new things...But the days i learn the most is when Aiisha is around !! OMG she's nice talented and very kind ...She gives me lifetime advices ....when i go home after meeting her i feel like ideas are poping out of my head @_@.
yesterday we went Fabric shopping....a very interesting experience ..all i did was watching and learning ...and i did learn a LOT!!
Today i'm sick at home , i already miss the sound of the sewing machines!!! But i realy need to relax..
Events I'd love to attend this month:
19/10: DAS Collection Fashion Show.
7/10 Symphony 'meet the designers' event.
and of course...
24/10 The Dubai Fashion Week..
My plan for this week end are:
Shoe-shopping,Bag-shopping , and going to the movies!!
Huge THANKS to all my followers who ask about me these last 2 weeks i looove you !!

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