Thursday, 16 September 2010

my internship quest ..part 2

Hi everyone!!
It's 9:30 pm!!! my second post today , and it's also about my internship.... I have very good news!!! Few hours after publishing my previous post -my internship quest .. - i contacted some fashion houses and guess what?? i got good answers from 2!!!

The first one is:
Aiisha: the designer herself called me back ..she was very kind and welcoming .. annnnd i'm having an apointment with her next monday !!! yaaay finally something concrete !!!

The second: well that was a great surprise for me .... i was soo hapy receiving this call.. It's from DAS Collection!!!! yeeey Believe it or not..... they called me saying that they've read my post about finding an internship and that they wanna see my sketches!!! I'm so excited about their call and about the fact that my blog is read...

I can't be long cause I'd like to sketch a bit so i can prepare fresh designs!!

I hope everything goes well inshalla...Cross your fingers!! see u soon peace!!


Dubai Fashionista said...

all the best ma belle ;-) can't wait to see ur work!!!

Me's Bubble said...

Merci c'est gentil .. I'll post some of my sketches soon inchallah !!
ah by the way ..tu fais quoi comme job?