Sunday, 31 July 2011

July '11 Favorites.

Hello Ladies!!
It's been a long long time since i did a month favorites post ,so i decided to do one today .
I've noticed that most of my favorite products this months are body lotions , body creams and hand creams, and the reason is that i don't use much make up in summer .
So let begin !!

Body Products:


I've already talked about these body lotions in the 'Bath and Body Works' haul.I've been using these for a month now , and I'm obsessed!!!
these lotions are from the summer collection and they are perfect for summer because of their scents : Coconut , Mango and Passion fruit.

Scarlett Body cream from Cacharel

I've been using This body cream as a hand cream for few months but I'm mentioning it in this post because I've been carrying this in my handbag and i looove it moore!!
^_^ Bisou a Fatima!!


From 'Bath and body works' (again!!) Shea Hand cream in Twilight woods.
A very moisturizing hand cream , very light not sticky at all and the smell is just......mysterious!!

Face and make up:

Erase past (concealer) and High beem (highlighter) from Benefit .
You can see a review of these products Here .


Mentha Lip Shine from C.O Bigelow .
So refreshing for summer ^_^


I heard a lot of good things about this eyeliner , a lot of make up artists like Lisa Eldridge use this eyeliner, and i have to say that this is and amazing product especially for a drugstore one!! love it!

Favorite music albums and movies:


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2


Adele's '21'

So these are my July's favorites!!
Thank you for reading!!

Me's Bubble.


AlReeM said...

I am absolutely LOVING the Erase Paste from Benefit! got it about 3 days ago!
loved ur post sweets!

Me's Bubble said...

thank you very much sweety!!

lamia said...

Great coincidence B !! I wrote about my essentials care products two ! Take a look and feel free to comment !!
I really want to try the eyeliner !!

Meryem said...

I'm also in love with the maybelline gel liner!

Dubai Fashionista said...

great post hun!!! je vois que tu es accro aux body lotion ;)

Me's Bubble said...

thank you ^_^
and yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees i looove body lotion ^_^

MiMi said...

Great stuff hun, I love body lotions and hand creams will def check those items out.. Great blog hun =)

MiMi xoxo
Make-up Overdose

KaW' said...

Adele she's juste a amazing of my favorite singers..xdxd