Wednesday, 3 August 2011

How to enjoy a healthy Ramadan?

Assalamo alaikom ladies!!
Ramadan is baaaaack!!!
Ramadan kareem to all the muslim umma around the world ,May
Allah accept our fasting ,prayers and Doaa.
Ramadan is the best month of the year , nothing can describe how special is this month but i know that we (Muslims) can feel it!
Fasting is a kind of discipline to the body and soul as the aspscence of food and other pleasures give us the opportunity to think about on thing : getting closer to ou creator Allah .
Unfortunately to some people Ramadan is all about food and that is wrong wrong wrong..
Ramadan is an opportunity to try a healthy life style , and these are some advices to make a full profit of this month ( health wise) .


  1. a 45min walk after the Asr prayer is a great way to loose some kilos.
  2. Say NO to naps between Asr prayer and Maghreb.
  3. Soft drinks and colored juices are not allowed .
  4. Green salad for Iftar is a must .
  5. Samosa (briwat in Moroccan) and fried food on iftar is a very bad idea... if you are a Samosa/briwat lover (like moi!) i suggest you to use an oil spray to cover the samosa with a thin layer of oil and bake it until it becomes golden....!!! yummy
  6. Don't sit in front of the TV eating sweets and nuts all night long!!
  7. If you can't have iftar without rice or bread , brown rice and whole bran bread are definitely a good alternative.
  8. After Isha prayer you can have a snack and sleep light..
  9. Sahour should be right before AlFajr (ot at 2am!!) .
  10. The period between Fajr (dawn) and sunrise is full of benefits for our health especially for our nervous system , as the highest amount of the Ozone gas in the is registered at this period.. so you don't want to miss these benefits sleeping!
  11. if you need a nap during a day you can have a 1 to 2 h nap before Asr prayer.

I hope you find these advices helpful and interesting . And just for the information these advices and guidelines were made by health and nutrition professionals.
Thank you for reading .

Ramadan Kareem
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Dubai Fashionista said...

super article ma belle!!! ca va le riz c pas trop mon truc...mais les briwats ;-p

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Tereza Anton said...

This is really interesting.

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