Sunday, 3 July 2011

Morrocan royal family : the classiest of all!!!

Hi ladies!!
It's the wedding season!!!! especially royal weddings.
i think weddings are the best fashion shows , it's a live show of classy and wearable beautiful clothes.
But not all guests are classy and elegant, it's normal to find some fashion faux - pas !!!
I'm very very proud of the the taste of the Moroccan royal family , i think that they are the trend setters of the traditional Moroccan fashion .
and it looks like the trend this season is PASTEL ! pastel beige, pastel pink or pinkish beige are the it colors!!! and I'm loving it!!! i love how classy feminine and mysterious these colors are!! just stunning!!


First in the UK royal wedding Her highness princess Lalla salma wore a beautiful pinkish-beige caftan with bronze embroidery !! the international press said that her hair was a "Dream"!!!



Then at Prince Albert of Monaco's wedding Her highness princess Lalla Mariam and her daughter Lalla Soukaina wore mesmerizing light beige and pink caftans .!!!!! They were gorgeous!!!!

I'm defiantly getting a beige / pink caftan this summer!!!!!

Me's Bubble.


Nafissa said...

Love it! and I confirm the Royal Moroccan Family is Ther Best one !!

The caftans are Just amaziiiiiiiiiing

Me's Bubble said...

ooooh yees nafissa!!!
thanks you

AlReeM said...

wow so beautiful indeed!

KAF said...

Very pretty! I especially love Soukaina's kaftan!

velvetrendezvous said...

They looked absolutely gorgeous!! <3 Would love a post on where to get such kaftans from a true Moroccan.



Dubai Fashionista said...

la classe marocaine :-D