Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Review:Dubai fashion week SS2012 . part 1

Hello Ladies!!
how are you doing??
Many of you requested an review about the Dubai Fashion Week SS2012 , so i decided to write a blog post about what i liked and disliked during the most fashionable week in the region.
I had the chance to attend a lot of fashion show during DFW , most of the brands were new to me , some are worth mentioning in this posts and some had nothing special about them so i will not talk about them .

I'm going to start with ,Zori Couture By Kalid Swaid :
Acording to the saudi born fashion designer Kalid Swaid : “The collection is an elegant, playful and youthful couture line. I want to showcase the value of cooling colours and innovative combination of bead-work, and fabrics of the highest quality. The collection will be using experimental techniques under the guided lines of elegance and whimsical femininity

what i think about the collection and the show :
I agree about what the designer said "playful and youthful" but "elegant" ......i'm sorry no!
The bead-work was just amazing and well done , but the use of the theme of the collection "the evil eye" was toooooooo exaggerated.
The shoes......well i let you judge by yourself.
last but not least , some of the models were just not models!!! check out the last picture and tell me what you think...

Cartas By Elena CARTAS:
 Elena CARTAS is a very talented and experienced fashion designer and also permanent participant of the Moscow Fashion Week her collection was all about historical costumes , royalty and Romanticism.

I personally loved this collection, the colors, the materials , the accessories..every thing was beautiful.
the lighting and music were also perfect.
the only thing i didn't appreciate is the duration of the show...it was unfortunately very long.

see u in part 2!!

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Ginger said...

Amazing pictures my dear !!
Loved the evil eye dresses !! Very innivative !!