Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Review:Dubai fashion week SS2012 . part 2

Hello ladies ,
So this is the part 2 of my review of the Dubai Fashion Week SS2012.

Nabrman By Hend Al Mutawa.
Nabrmanis a Dubai based brand specialized in Abayas,established in 2007, and led bythe talented Abaya designer Hend Al Mutawa.

What i think:
the mix of bright and soft colors in this collection added life to the black abayas.
i had the chance to see and touch these abayas and i have to say that the materials were heavenly soft and light, just amazing.
but what i love the most about the collection is that most of the Abayas are wearable...oh ,and the cup cake was delicious !! lol

USH DESIGN By Abeer Al Suwaidi:
AbeerAl swaidi is a young Emirati fashion designer, has transformed the traditional Abaya into a modern fashion piece.
Abeer is also the founder of "USH Boutique" , a designer boutique and showcase of various talented designers in the UAE.
the Ush Design fashion show was the most enjoyable show in the DFW , it was just mind blowing,in addition to the originality an edginess of the designs,the dynamic music and dancing models made of this show the best show of the week.When i fist saw the designs i thought that they were not wearable in The uae and that they will not be easily accepted , but apparently i was wrong!!
OOh i forgot to mention the goodie bag, the best of the best .....Thank you Abeer ,I'm writing this post using my USH lap-table!!

Amato Couture By Furne One:
Furne One is a the Dubai based designer and owner of brand, Amato Haute Couture ,very known for his natural ability to craft extravagant and artistic designs, Furne has quickly made his way up the fashion ladder as one of the most anticipated fashion designers on the global fashion stage.

To be honest i don't know what to think about this show , first the 2hour wait took away 1/4 of the pleasure , then the next 1/4 was stolen by the horrible projection ,music (or should i say screams!) and make up ..
On the other hand the dresses were simply exquisite , real pieces of art ...The DFW was a great opportunity for me to meet people in the fashion field ,make new friends from all over the world, and it was also very encouraging for me to start the business i always dreamed of..!!
we have to say that Simon Lock did keep his promise of delivering a successful fashion week!
Next post (inchallah) i will share with you pictures i myself took during the DFW.
until then take care!!
Peace Me's Bubble.

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Mallika said...

Heyy darling,

Sorry haven't been keeping touch, have been busy!

Love this post! Wow at Ush design abayas, very original! Love the picture of the last abaya.

And I agree about Furne One, the music and weight really was a headache!

x Mallika