Thursday, 16 June 2011

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end


Hi ladies,
so, it's been a while!! i needed to take a break to finish some personnel businesses and sort out my ideas and plans , you know kinda take new resolutions in life , bla bla bla...
But when i wanted to get back to blogging i don't know why i hesitated ,there was this kind of wall between me and the keyboard, i couldn't even respond to the comments.. i can't blame it on a specific reason , 'cause there are sooo many ..
anyway, now i'm back .. to be honest not fully back as i'm still looking for something more exciting than new look books ,ad campaigns,magazine covers or new trends to write about.. i'm bored from those articles and don't want my readers to be bored too..
I don't have a very active life as I'm jobless (hate to say it!!) so i don't get to see a lot of people or hangout with friends (zikass sliws sara i miss you!!) but i'll try my best to make my blog as exciting and fun as i am ...
And one more thing , i called my blog Me's Bubble which means it's my bubble not a fashion bubble so from now one this is no more a fashion blog but Me's Bubble!!
So that's it i'd really appreciate some encouragement and support from you in order to keep up doing this!!
thank you for reading !

Me's Bubble.


Anonymous said...

Bravo mimi, bien dit.
Like this article cause i can feel your sinsirity. Talking from heart to haert. You should know that I support you & will read your blog with passion whatever you do. Just be your self & dont think a lot before publishing. It's all about spontanity to keep feeling free.


hajarino said...

garde un peu d’énergie pour mon arrivé! tora télment de choses a faire et a raconté que tora mm pa le temps de les écrire :p

Me's Bubble said...

OMG ..Mimi this is the sweetest comment ever!!! thank you sooo much for your lovely words , you are in deed on of my biggest and most important supporters and i appreciate it!! thank you very much ^_^ <3

Hajarinoo: don't worry I'm ready for your arrival and can't wait for it inchallah allah yesser!! thank you for you support i have to say that without your encouragement a wouldn't have started this blog! so thank you !! love you <3

Fashion.MakeUp.LifeStyle said...

Welcome back doll and trust me we all been in the same boat as your are right now. There's days that I have no ideas or inspirations to write so take your time and we'll be here waiting on you.

<3 Marina

Me's Bubble said...

thank you sooo much marina it deeply comforts me to know that i have such loyal and kind <3

Dubai Fashionista said...

it's always a pleasure to visit your blog sweetie i never find it boring, so keep up the good job ;)